MiA_profile250_20150810_5047Photography is my preferred visual art. The idea of capturing unseen perspectives of everyday things excites me, and I am amazed by how there is no end to finding new ones.

My regular day-job is focused on strategizing, problem-solving and decision-making for my organisation. The agenda is filled with a variety of topics switching in high frequency; changing communication partners demand continued adaptation. There is little room for deep thinking.

What a contrast photography presents to me! This activity forces me to slow down, to pick an object of interest, to engage and to experience it for as much time as I need and want. I become an observer, discovering the personality of the subject in focus. New layers and perspectives become visible with the change of position or light, and with each return to the place.

Landscape photography is a natural fit for me. Outdoor places and their details become like friends that I start to know better the more I return to them. Their age and the continuous change make me humble, and I deem it a privilege to witness and capture this beauty.

I am especially attracted to seasides and waterfronts due to the simplicity of lines and compositions they offer. At the same time, the texture of sand and water as well as the structure of sky and clouds make the scene a unique one.

Cities with their busy life offer a contrast that I am equally attracted to. Here I look for details that are easily overlooked when rushing through the days. People have developed all kind of tools to express themselves – architecture, clothes, cars etc. My objective is to go behind the facades and show genuine humanity.

Travel allows me to document the interaction between man and nature. It is our human responsibility to protect the environment and preserve it for future generations. With my images I want to contribute to our understanding of that duty of ours.

One of my key memories is the sound of large blocks of ice breaking off the edge of a glacier and crashing into the Alaskan sea. I am on my journey to capture moments like this one and hope to get closer with every photograph I make.