Top ten 2018 photographs
candidates for 2018 top ten photographs by Michael Assmann

Top ten 2018 photographs

I have used the time after the holidays to review my 2018 photographs and select my top ten images. They represent themes important to me during the year. Hopefully, they also show my development as a photographer when seeing them next to work from previous years. (Have a look at the finalists for 2016 and 2017.)

Selection Process

Only 35 images made in in the first pass this year, which is less than for the two previous years. I believe this is because I am more critical about my work than in the past. ‘Nice shots’ which would have qualified then are now excluded if there is no additional layer or story. Actually, more than in the past I don’t even take these pictures anymore.

The process to get to final the top ten afterwards was not too difficult either. I simply kept those that reflect best the topics that I am attracted to. Feedback from others that I had received during the year was considered but not overruling my perspective.

The images

As visible in the final top ten, B&W and color currently take an equal space in my work. I love monochrome images, and B&W is my favourite for documentary and portrait images as awell as abstract work. For example, one of the images shows a scene from a karate competition – I cannot think of anything else than presenting them in black and white.

At the same time color images have their place for me as well. The book “Life Happens in Color” by Nancy Lehrer and her interview at The Candid Frame made me try to use it more, and I am pleased with my results in people photography so far. I also like both bright and subtle color in my landscape photography, as shown by two of my top ten images.

In summer this year I started to use the new Fujifilm X-T3 and I am amazed by its improvements over the X-T1. Nevertheless, 8 of the final images have been made with the X-100F which is still my everyday camera. It shows the incredible flexibility of this little machine.

Thank you for having a look at the images. Feel free to contact me or leave a comment if you want to contribute to my development.

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